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First Communications announces its new Hosted IP Solution, Cloud IP PBX

Date: 03.04.2015

Akron, OH, April 1, 2015 – First Communications, a leading technology solutions provider to businesses throughout the US, announced today its hosted IP product offering, Cloud IP PBX.  First Communications will now be able to deliver the latest advancements and an unmatched feature set to its customers through the state-of-the-art capabilities its Cloud IP PBX Solution can offer.

First Communications Cloud IP PBX provides customers with a fully managed and feature-rich IP solution, eliminating the cost of deploying or acquiring an on-site PBX. Further, Cloud IP PBX offers businesses flexible and affordable business grade solution, requiring minimal costs and limited IT support. These advantages, coupled with the future-proof architecture First Communications solution is built on, will positively affect the bottom line for its customers.

“We are excited to offer Hosted PBX to our customers,” said Margi Shaw, president of First Communications. “Having the ability to provide our customers with a scalable product that can grow with their evolving business needs, while offering a first-class customer experience, sets First Communications apart from the competition.”

Key features of First Communications Cloud IP PBX offering include:

 – Find Me/Follow Me. Receive calls no matter where you are. Users can forward calls to alternative numbers, to individuals or business groups.

 – Advanced Phones: State-of-the-art Polycom IP telephones with HD Voice

 – Unique Features: Paging, Speed Dial, Auto Attendant and Music on Hold

 – User Portal: Users can place calls, listen to voicemail and manage call routing from our easy to use web portal.

 – Administrator Portal: Site Administrators have control of all users across all of your company’s locations, removing the need of specialize IT support.

“Our Cloud IP PBX allows business to focus on their growth, leaving network support and management in the hands of their trusted partner – First Communications,” said Margi Shaw, president at First Communications.


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