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The Gift of Giving

Date: 03.01.2014

As the holiday season seemed to arrive just as quickly as it left, we are still reminded that no matter what time of year it is, it’s always better to give than receive. Here at First Communications, we make it a priority to give back to the community each and every year.

This past October, we reached out into the Chicago community and donated a portion of our executive furniture to three different organizations; L’Arche Chicago, an amazing facility created to give those with and without intellectual disabilities and faith a place to live and learn. They have grown to include and represent more than 36 countries, 135 communities, and 5000 people from many different cultures. The Community Nurse Health Center, a not for profit organization providing dental services and healthcare programs to over 2700 patients who have limited access to care, and Engine 13 Fire Department located around downtown Chicago.  Our donations included: Office chairs, dry erase boards, executive cloth swivel chairs, eight two drawer workstation pedestals, and a 3’ roundtable. The items were donated from our Chicago offices, and proved to be a huge help to all three organizations as they continue on their quest to help those in need each and every day.

The Summit County (Ohio) Children’s Services Organization is a local business in which kids who are neglected by their parents, or turned away completely, go for shelter and safety while they look for a worthy family to live with. Each year they put on a wide variety of programs to help these kids have a great holiday and Christmas. One of the programs First Communications has been involved with for the past four years is called Adopt a Family. It gives anyone the opportunity to buy gifts for a few of the kids in need living at this facility when they would otherwise not have any gifts to open for Christmas. Multiple departments pitched in to help our sponsored family and the final result of all the support had the kids more than surprised when they got to open their presents on December 25th.