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Cloud IP PBX Overview

Cloud IP PBX provides customers the features of a premised-based PBX without the huge capital expense. Better still, Cloud IP PBX also provides unified messaging, sequential and simultaneous calling. Users will have access to web portals, so they can manager their accounts anywhere Internet access is available. Never again will your employees miss a critical phone call because they walked away from their desk or while traveling. Cloud IP PBX is a cost effective solution for a business of any size. With First Communications, you are assured of having a state-of-the-art platform, without the incremental expense.

Pair your Cloud IP PBX solution with our Fax-to-Email offering.


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Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Eliminate up-front capital expenditures for hardware investments. Increased capacity can be fluidly accommodated with little to no impact on operations, as all server equipment resides off-site.

Scalable to your Business Needs

Expand affordably as business grows. With this integrated solutions, pay only for the services needed, and add features and services as you grow.

Nationwide Availability

 First Communications can provide your business with Cloud IP PBX service anywhere within the United States.

Future Proof

Discard concerns over outdated equipment and high replacement costs. Have state-of-the-art technology, year after year, with easy upgrades delivered seamlessly through the cloud.

24x7x365 Support

Our experienced and dedicated support team is available at any time, and we have repair technicians available after traditional business hours in order to keep your business communications running smoothly.

Find Me/Follow Me

Receive calls no matter where you are. Users can forward calls to alternative numbers, to individuals or business groups.

Advanced Phones

State-of-the-art Polycom IP telephones with HD Voice

Unique Features

Paging, Speed Dial, Auto Attendant and Music on Hold

User Portal

Users can place calls, listen to voicemail and manage call routing from our easy to use web portal.

Administrator Portal

Site Administrators have control of all users across all or your company’s locations, removing the need of specialized IT support.

Call Center

Transform your customer service through our Call Center Solution that is quick to deploy and simple to use. Access powerful Agent and Supervisor capabilities to deliver great customer service with features like skills based routing, real time monitoring or pull in remote agents to support call volumes. Enjoy the benefits of centralized management to put critical information at your fingertips to make vital decisions about queuing, overflow treatment and call routing.

In order to receive the call center option a supervisor or agent license must be purchased along with either a standard or premium license for each supervisor or agent.

Standard Call Center:

A Standard call center license add-on is designed to support a normal call center environment where flexible routing options are needed and the agent’s workflow dictates the need for ACD states such as Available, Unavailable, and Wrap-up. In addition, Standard call centers are designed to support deployments that require clients such as the BroadWorks Agent client and Reporting. Any user with a Standard call center license can be assigned to a Standard call center.

Premium Call Center:

A Premium call center add-on license is designed to provide the most advanced set of routing and call management options to support a formal call center environment. It supports such capabilities as the assignment of multiple dialed number identification service (DNIS) numbers to a single call center, the use of agent skill levels for directing calls to more skilled agents, the addition of “unavailable” codes for when agents are not able to take calls, and the use of disposition codes to associate with ACD calls, outbound calling, and silent monitoring of agents. Only users with a Premium call center license can be assigned to a Premium call center seat.

Call Recording

Call Recording is an extremely valuable tool to have in your service offering. Large call centers and enterprises have been recording calls for decades. Now more and more small and medium-sized businesses are realizing that Call Recording is affordable and valuable, no matter how large of a contact center you operate or how many seats you have providing customer support.

Reasons to choose First Communications for Call Recording

  • Analysis: The Call Recording Portal allows SPPs and their customers to monitor and analyze Call Recording activities in near real time, providing greater efficiency in Call Recording storage and processing, while reducing Service Provider and End Customer management overhead.
  • Higher ARPU: Call Recording is an affordable, high value recurring revenue product for Service Providers when sold to customers as an added service.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Call Recording delivers to Service Providers the tools to comply with existing and developing regulations.
    Extended Your Service Portfolio: Call Recording allows Service Providers to extend their portfolio into new vertical or specialty markets.
  • Flexible, Global and Fault-tolerant:  This platform is implemented in a resilient/redundant configuration in conjunction with our state-of-the-art Hosted PBX Platform.
  • Minimal Network Disruption or Changes:  Call recording operates as an external extension of the Platform. Re-routing of traffic through recording servers requires a minimal amount of software configuration.