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MPLS/VPLS Overview

Your expanding multi-location business places ever increasing demands on your network. Increasing numbers of bandwidth hungry applications essential to your business need high quality, secure connections that are cost effective and reliable. Whether these locations are branch offices, or the offices of customers or vendors or business partners, quality connectivity is a critical part of your business’ success.

By using First Communications intelligent WAN solution, you can:

  • Simplify network management
  • Lower cost of network operations
  • Accelerate performance of applications on WAN

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Maximum Security


If you are considering secure connectivity options, MPLS/VPLS provides better security than older VPN technologies like ATM or Frame Relay, with improved performance and value!

Maximum Performance


Our fully-meshed, direct site-to-site data paths outperform hub-and-spoke topology. By reducing the distance that data needs to travel, we are able to deliver faster data communication and increased productivity for your business.

National Network

We can provide secure connectivity wherever your growing business takes you, across the US and beyond!

Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS)

Enables high quality for mission critical business applications like Voice over IP (VoIP), credit card transactions, video, and mission critical enterprise applications. Prioritize traffic based on your needs.

Flexible Bandwidth

We can provide the right bandwidth to fit your needs, regardless of location, including business grade T1, DS3, and Ethernet. We can also provide secure VPN access to your remote workers using their home or mobile internet connections.


Connect anywhere from as few as two locations to hundreds of locations across the United States.

Extend the Reach of your Secure Network 

First Communications MPLS/VPLS provides business organizations with a secure connectivity solution that enables expansion and growth to any location while reducing costs. Extend your enterprise network to new locations simply and efficiently.

Customized Solutions

No “one size fits all” solutions here. First Communications will design a custom solution so that you can easily meet your current and anticipated future demands.

Class of Service Options

We have Class of Service (CoS) customization options which allow you to prioritize your traffic within your network to provide optimal performance and in accordance to your needs.

Real Time CoS

This enables the highest quality voice connections for VoIP service.

Mission Critical

This is customer defined, and is ideal for video conferencing.

Business Critical

This prioritizes data networking packets over internet traffic.

Standard Data QoS

This is standard data networking solution, enabling businesses to share data and applications across all locations.

Experience the First Communications Service Difference

We are 100% committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service in the industry. To accomplish this, we provide you with a team of 3 dedicated, highly trained and empowered specialists to ensure a superior service delivery experience. Here is what to expect from First Communications:

Customized Solution

Your dedicated, highly experienced Sales Engineer will perform a thorough assessment of your current environment and service needs, and will work with you to design a customized solution.

Smooth Professional Implementation

Your dedicated and experienced Project Coordinator will guide you through the implementation process, so that your custom designed solution is installed in a seamless and professional manner.

Superior Support

After installation, your dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) will serve as a single point of contact. As your business and network needs grow, your CRM can assist with configuration changes, the addition of new locations, or any other support you might need.