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SIP Trunking Overview

Your telephone service is your vital connection to your customers, remote and mobile employees, partners, and suppliers. Phone technology has changed more slowly than other communications technology, but now is a great time to look at SIP Trunking technology, which delivers more capabilities at a significantly lower cost than traditional phone services.

Many businesses use traditional TDM lines for voice communications needs, but this requires two different network infrastructures and the costs associated with two networks. SIP trunking allows voice and data communications to utilize the same network, resulting in lower costs and greater flexibility and ability to respond to growth and changing demands.

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Reduce Operating Costs

Significant less expensive than traditional analog phone lines and PRI networks. By combining voice and data over a single IP connection, SIP trunking eliminates the need to purchase voice and data separately. Save up to 50% over traditional phone services.

Uses Existing Phones Equipment & Reduces CapEx

First Communications SIP Trunking works with your existing IP PBX equipment, so there is no need to spend money replacing phones and equipment.

Flexible Broadband Options

First Communications can provide a variety of reliable and secure business broadband options, with consistently clear high quality connections. You can also provide your own broadband connectivity if that makes sense.

Optimize Bandwidth

First Communications automatically adjusts the bandwidth for voice and data traffic to ensure optimal use of your network resources. Bandwidth can be allocated to voice services as needed, and then re-allocated back to data when the voice usage subsides.

Nationwide Availability

First Communications can provide your business with SIP Trunking services anywhere in the United States.

24/7/365 Support

Because your business isn’t just about 9-5 anymore, our experienced and dedicated support team is available at any time, and can make repair technicians available after traditional business hours in order to keep your business communications running smoothly.



Significant Cost Savings Considerable cost savings over traditional PRIs or analog lines

Replace your separate voice and data circuits with a single circuit

Low long-distance rates

Optimal Bandwidth Usage Bandwidth is allocated dynamically, allowing it to remain available for data when not used for voice calls

G.711 voice compression uses the least possible amount of bandwidth for calls ensuring superior quality

Affordable Scalability Avoid unnecessary costs by purchasing only the trunks you need

Scale in small increments as you grow

Exceptional Reliability Voice traffic travels on First Communication’s secure private network

Voice traffic is prioritized over data packets, ensuring you experience crystal-clear calls

Optional Add-on Features Improve company productivity with Inbound Fax-to-Email

Experience the First Communications Service Difference

We are 100% committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service in the industry. To accomplish this, we provide you with a team of 3 dedicated, highly trained and empowered specialists to ensure a superior service delivery experience. Here is what to expect from First Communications:

Customized Solution

Your dedicated, highly experienced Sales Engineer will perform a thorough assessment of your current environment and service needs, and will work with you to design a customized solution.

Smooth Professional Implementation

Your dedicated and experienced Project Coordinator will guide you through the implementation process, so that your custom designed solution is installed in a seamless and professional manner.

Superior Support

After installation, your dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) will serve as a single point of contact. As your business and network needs grow, your CRM can assist with configuration changes, the addition of new locations, or any other support you might need.