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Managed Security

Protect Your Business With Managed Security

The shift towards cloud based, virtual business operations has been exponential. Although this evolution has had a positive influence on how we connect, significant challenges with data and network breaches have also emerged. Data breaches severely damage a business’s reputation, partner relationships, and customer’s trust. Considering many organizations are still expanding the scope of security resources, implementing robust cyber security strategies are more vital now than ever before.

Secure Your Business with FirstComm

As companies shift to cloud-based resources, a crucial demand on the rise – the need for high level security for customers and employees. Ensuring your on-prem offices and remote locations are secure is, or at least should be, a top priority for every business. At FirstComm security is our top priority and we strive to ensure our Gartner recognized security solutions offer the protection our clients need. As in a world of uncertainty, every business should be able to trust in their network.

Protection that Ensures Peace of Mind

Take Advantage of Best-in-Class Security Protection with Enterprise-Grade Technology
Next Generation Firewall

Protect network traffic from internal and external threats – packet filtering, IPSec, SSL, VPN, network monitoring & more.

Anti: Virus, Spam & Malware

Protect your assets, network, staff and customers by securing your connection points – whether in office or remote.

Intrusion Protection & Filtering

Protect your business data and assets by identifying, blocking and reporting cyber threats - keeping data integrity strong.

Data Loss Protection

System identifies confidential, proprietary, and regulated data leaving the network - Preventing unexpected data leaks, through.

How to Achieve Secured Wired and Wireless Networks

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  • Problems with Existing Infrastructure
  • Challenges with Local Area Networks
  • Things to Consider When Evaluating a Solution
  • Secure Access

Maximize Security & Increase Business Value

With FirstComm, companies can trust in the team and resources that protect them.
Improve Network Visibility Visibility is one of the biggest challenges in network security; you can’t control or manage what is unseen.
  • Leverage a multitude of intelligence and data reports
  • Monitor network traffic and real time application use
Manage Security Risks Stay ahead of malware, virus, spam and other major threats to your company through various scans and detection components.
  • Minimize malicious network attacks
  • Stop risks before it breaches the network
Minimize Costs & Complexity Reduce investments my consolidating security efforts into a single platform that you can manage from remote locations.
  • Lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Manage all security devices remotely
Maximize Operational Efficiency Control how your network handles daily operational processes of in network devices, in office or remote.
  • Simplify enterprise-wide workflows
  • Secure all wireless networks & devices

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