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Get 360° Customer Insight With A Better Contact Center Solution

As business communications evolve and customer expectations mature, companies are shifting to refine and unify client data to personalize customer engagement with your brand. However, without quick access to detailed customer info, clients can become frustrated and lose trust in your brand. To avoid this, companies need new strategies that improve customer profiling, for a complete 360° customer view.

Optimize Customer Engagement

To answer customer demands, companies need agile and robust solutions that can manage customer engagements. At FirstComm, we offer high quality contact center solutions that provide flexibility to customize and scale your customer journey. Our solutions enhance communication channels, integrate client data and safeguard customers sensitive data.

Personalize Client Interactions

Level-up your call experience by removing integration limitations and creating a unified source for customer data.
Agent Quality Assurance

With easy-to-use reporting tools, measure agents call activities, optimize staff performance and ensure staffing is sufficient for peak seasons.

Dynamic Notifications

Offer flexibility with communication paths based on your customers preference. Connect through SMS, email, or calls - we make it simple.

Real-Time Analytics & Reporting

Enjoy real-time visibility into call activities, customize and pre-define reporting for workforce measurement, and drive strategic forecasting.

CRM Integrations

Easily integrate with many of the leading CRM solutions for optimal data alignment: Salesforce, Zendesk and Dynamics are just a few.

Increasing Profitability Through Improved Customer Service

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Push Call Experience Boundaries

Deliver Superior Customer Care with A Next Level Contact Center
Stay Secure & Compliant Address security and privacy regulations quickly and easily through an intuitive platform created with compliance in mind.
  • Compliance for HIPPA, GDPR & more
  • Built in controls and templates for regulatory customization
Seamless Scalability When You Need As call volume fluctuates users can easily adjust settings for call activities for planned and unplanned call environments.
  • Flexible, usage-based call settings
  • Monthly billing cycle, pay for what you use
Measure & Refine Call Activity With in-depth insights into call activities, users can capture and evaluate valuable data quickly, speeding up time to resolution.
  • Hundreds of pre-build reporting tools
  • Custom reporting and touchpoint tracking
Enhance Customer Interactions Custom call activities to perform any number of tasks. Enjoy a 360-degree interaction with your client across communication channels.
  • Drag and drop visual interface
  • Integrate with social media channels

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