Why You Should Host Your Business Communications in the Cloud

Buzzwords like cloud and hosted are swirling around us at breakneck speed, but do you really know what that means? The tried and true office land line phone is on its way out and quickly being replaced with cloud or hosted solutions. Employees and sales executives are on the go and need a quick, easy to use, mobile solution where they can have all their information at their fingertips. Your IT staff wants an easily scalable and low maintenance solution that answers everyone’s needs. Moving to a cloud based phone solution may be the answer to everyone’s challenges.

Before jumping in, you should be wondering…

How would moving to the cloud benefit me?

  • There are many benefits associated with a cloud-based phone system, but when it comes to moving or expanding an on premise phone system, it can be difficult and time consuming. With a cloud-based phone system, growing, moving or sizing down your business’s communications have never been so easy.  Cloud-based phones systems will bring your office communications with you while travel. Remote workers will have access to the full features of their desk phones through their mobile devices.

Does the cloud offer the “right fit” for my business needs?

  • With traditional phones systems being difficult to maintain and costly, cloud phone systems will drastically decrease your businesses cost and maintenance. Another perk, cloud-based phone systems will not confine you to your desk as you take your work on the go.

What should I be looking for in a cloud provider?

  • Choose a cloud service provider that is an industry expert. Those experts should anticipate your needs and be a proactive cloud expert.
  • Make sure you partner with a reliable hosting provider that can manage the entire hosting environment.
  • Make sure you understand the pricing plans before purchasing. Some cloud providers claim they have the cheapest rates but have overpriced upfront fees and brutal long-term contracts.
  • Working with a cloud provider that is only after profits and sales will be a support nightmare. Finding a vendor that has 24/7 support will help ease the stress for when a issue do occur.

By: Jess Bland, Product Manager