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First Communications’ Data Center Solutions guard your business communications with both physical and virtual protection solutions based out of secure, dedicated carrier-grade environments. Our Data Centers offer state-of-the-art security features that provide advanced protection for your critical business operations.

First Communications Data Centers are a fully redundant infrastructure that delivers 99.999% up-time through elimination of single points of failure, and have direct access to our best-in-class proprietary network which assists a company’s business continuity strategy.  In addition, you will have the convenience of 24x7x365 access to the data center and your equipment.

First Communications Data Center Solutions include Co-location and Managed Services. We can also customize solutions to suit your particular needs. Whatever direction you choose, your solution from First Communication is an insurance policy against loss of data, interruption of up-time, and other impacts to your business.


As your primary site for colocation, First Communications’ Data Centers relieve your business of the responsibility of safeguarding equipment in-house. Instead, it will be housed in a state of the art environment that offers the safety and disaster recovery features most businesses don’t have the room for, or budget. As a facility for your network servers, PRIs and other devices, colocation provides equal safety assurances, with the added benefit of back-up and redundancy outside your own location.


Managed Services

For a complete hands-off solution, First Communications presents a cost-efficient alternative to the capital expense of in-house equipment and the resources to manage it. Your routers and firewalls will be procured by First Communications , and then configured and fully managed by certified technicians around the clock. First Communications administers the daily management of your equipment yet allows for access to your OS and applications. First Communications offers four levels of service from basic tape changes and hardware inspections to fully managing applications. With Managed Services, you can grow as your needs grow without having to invest upfront capital in expensive equipment.

Location Chicago Loop
Tier 3
Type Facility Carrier Hotel
Connectivity Carrier Neutral
Diverse Fiber Entrances
Staffing Remote Hands/Eyes
Access & Security Keycard/Biometric Access
Video Surveillance
24x7x365 site monitoring and Security
Escorted on-premises customer access
Reliability Up to 200W/sf
UPS/DC Power Backup
2MW Diesel Gen. w/2000 gallon tank
N+1 air-cooled chiller and HVAC units
Cool Aisle Containment through EMS monitoring
Smoke Detection and pre-action sprinklers
Compliance SSAE 16, Soc 1 Type 2 regulations


With First Communications CloudConnection ecosystem, you can reach business partners and cloud service providers within our Data Center. Dedicated access via CloudConnection is an affordable, private, scalable, high performance connection to hundreds of cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer and Amazon Web services. CloudConnection can help you increase the privacy, performance and reliability of your cloud service connections, while simplifying interactions with cloud service providers.


  • Reduce Cost: Lower your total cost of connectivity to cloud service providers
  • Reduced Complexity: Simple, rapid deployments to numerous endpoints
  • Scalability: Allows your connections to adapt to meet your expanding business needs
  • Increased Performance: Improve cloud application performance by connecting directly to cloud service providers


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