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Use Microsoft Teams for Calls

Microsoft Teams has over 100 million daily users and growing. And with SMB’s, enterprises and beyond looking to expand collaboration capabilities, integrations are key. A new focus for many companies has been around seamless integration of business voice functionality through the MS Teams instance.  Not only can companies enhance workforce collaboration, but they can also benefit from extended call features, business functionality and reduced operational costs.

UC Teams Offerings Expand Voice Capabilities

With UC Teams, clients can seamlessly integrate essential business voice components through an existing Teams instance, optimizing VoIP/call capabilities and unifying communication channels into a single interface.  With UC Teams, users can take advantage of robust call features such as: extension dialing, presence, shared line appearance, and more, without even using their desk phone. Whether you’re looking for direct routing capabilities or simply wanting to integrate your current PBX functionality through MS Teams, FirstComm can help!

Find YOUR Voice for MS Teams Collaboration

With two flavors of MS teams integrations, you can optimize business voice functionality the way YOUR business needs.
UC Teams

Expand business call functionality through your MS teams instance while benefiting from additional operational perks, such as:

  • Quick deployment and high-touch support
  • Robust PBX features & functionality
  • Device Flexibility and VoIP optimization
UC Teams Direct

With UC Teams Direct, customers can utilize the vast benefits of direct routing for a greater call experience. Enjoy benefits like:

  • Simplified implementation & useability
  • Additional support through FirstComm
  • Competitive calling plans and rates

4 Key Benefits of Integrating Voice & MS Teams

Learn how FirstComm’s MS teams integrations optimize business continuity.
Effortless Deployment & Onboarding As demands for MS Teams voice integrations grow, FirstComm has been dedicated to ensuring customer not only have options to choose the right integration but can also depend on rapid deployment and high-touch onboarding processes, for continued customer success.
Geo-Redundancy & Failover Assurance Don’t worry about dropped connections, as call traffic is managed and directed through our advanced geo-redundant SBC’s to ensure when outages occur, calls are re-routed to alternate devices and locations for optimal communication and call reliability.
Voice, Network & Device Optimization FirstComm clients can trust in a powerful and reliable network for voice solutions while enjoying the flexibility to use a variety of supported devices like faxes, security gates and doors, credit card devices and paging systems.
Quick & Easy Number Porting When it comes to number porting, oftentimes it can be a tedious process. With UC Teams, clients can depend on FirstComm to manage porting from your PBX into the MS Teams instance, allowing the client to focus on the business,

All the MS Teams Devices You Need

Chose the device the best fits your business needs – all specified for greater teams functionality.

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