Keeping Remote Communications Strong Through COVID-19 Challenges


As the corona virus (COVID-19) continues to evolve across the globe, gaining momentum towards the shift from epidemic to pandemic, companies of all shapes and sizes are embracing workforce mobility to keep their workforce safe.

There has never been a more crucial time to implement proper mobility solutions to ensure business communications stay strong and employees stay safe. In today’s workforce, more and more companies have adopted remote work environments and therefore are simply scaling their efforts. However, not all companies have put the proper tools and plans in place and find themselves shuffling to keep business running, employees safe and operations secure.

The Realities Around the “Rush to Remote”

Even though the “number of people who work from home has increased by 140% since 2005” and an average of “4.3 million people in the US work from home at least half the time” (Global Workplace Analytics), only “51% of employers officially allow their employees to work remote” (Softchoice). This leaves a large number of companies, with a large number of individuals outside of the US, vulnerable and scrambling to get proper protocols in order.

And now, day over day, as COVID-19 cases continue to increase, businesses across all industries are being forced to adapt to this remote way of life to ensure safety of employees and their families, while also ensuring proper technology is in place for true mobility.

Mobility is Easier Said than Done

Typically, companies will evaluate all the ins and outs of what is necessary to mobilize their workforce. Whether it’s shifting to the cloud to unify communications for all employees or identifying processes for proper VPN tools and server access, business leaders are expediting the processes for mobility and security.

For those companies with mobility tools in place, remote work is easy. But for those with minimal to no infrastructure set in place, the restrictions COVID-19 is necessitating, is forcing companies to adopt mobility at a rapid rate. Valuable tools that have been present for a while (web conferencing, mobile solutions and desktop) are now in higher demand.

How to Plan & Respond

Let’s face it, every business has incorporated some level of risk management into their operational foundation. However, no business could truly prepare for the business repercussions of COVD-19 on a global scale. Because the severity grows dramatically day over day, leaders are rapidly looking to implement appropriate measures to ensure their employees are protected. The CDC has released a valuable breakdown that highlights several important strategies employers can use today to keep their workforce protected as best they can. Here are a few high level summaries of these strategies:

– Active encouragement of sick employees to remain at home

– Separating sick employees from others

– Strong emphasis/communication on remaining home if ill, respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene for all employees

– Routine office cleaning

– Advise employees needing to travel to take precautionary steps

– Additional measures in response to importations of COVID-19

Specific details and additional resources on these measures can be found here: Plan, Prepare & Respond to Coronavirus Disease 2019

Don’t Worry — Solutions Are Within Reach

Given the growth that’s transpired over the last decade in collaboration and unified communications, there are a variety of options available for businesses of all sizes and capacities. And given the urgent need to adapt to remote work and the reality that this may be a necessity for the foreseeable future, the need to protect employees and act quickly is right in front of us.

At FirstComm, our priority has always been focused on ensuring our clients stay connected to the people and things that matter. Our UC Max mobile suite is designed to keep your business connected anytime, anywhere so communication channels are always open and people have the flexibility to take their office functionality anywhere. Pairing mobility with our security solutions and managed network services, FirstComm can support your business needs quickly and efficiently. (Contact info to learn more?)

Our sincere thoughts go out to all who are being impacted by the recent COVID-19 scenario, and rest assured that FirstComm is here to support you and your business needs however we can to help ensure your safety during these trying times.