How to Upgrade Your Phone System with Microsoft Teams

If you’re like most businesses, odds are you use a Microsoft product in some capacity – and that product is probably Teams. In 2023, the collaboration app reached 300 million users, an increase of 30 million from the previous year. Microsoft Teams features and functions are quite helpful and help keep your employees on the same page, but there’s only one problem – it can’t make and take voice calls from outside your company, something that’s keeping you from having a truly unified communications platform.  

Until today, that is. In this blog, we’ll show you how FirstComm’s Microsoft Teams integration can help you achieve more than your business imagined. 

Let’s get started. 

The Benefits of a Microsoft Teams Integration with FirstComm  

While the benefits of a Teams integration are extensive, we’ve condensed it into our top five.  

Single Sign-On Communications  

When you have multiple apps for one task, your employees are constantly shifting their focus from one task to another abruptly and frequently. It’s called context switching, and it’s a real productivity killer. It also leads to more errors, greater stress, and poorer customer experiences.  

With a FirstComm Teams integration, your team can save time and effort by accessing calls, messages, and meetings from one platform – one they’re already familiar with, which is a plus. 

A More Unified, User-Friendly Experience 

With Teams as the primary place for internal and external communication, your employees can continue using a platform they’re already familiar with to make outbound calls. This: 

  • Simplifies their day-to-day workflows  
  • Boosts their productivity  
  • Reduces their “work about work.”   
  • Gives them the ability to focus their time and attention on more important matters  

And this boost in employee efficiency also boosts morale! Studies have shown that when employees collaborate effectively with one another:  

  • Seventy-three percent produce better quality work  
  • Sixty percent innovate more  
  • Fifty-six percent are more satisfied with their contributions  

Your company will be the direct beneficiary of employees who can work faster, better, and more collaboratively thanks to one simple integration with Microsoft Teams features.  

No Sudden Transitions from Legacy Systems  

Sometimes, when you have legacy systems, it can be difficult to adopt new communication platforms because of how much money you’ve already invested in your current one. A Teams integration with FirstComm can help you modernize your communication quickly and easily. 

With one simple integration, you can keep your existing infrastructure while enjoying all of the advanced Microsoft Teams features they know and love. We call this a hybrid solution, and it’s a great way to begin the transition from older systems to new ones.  

Simpler Administration & Management  

Learning a new system from the ground-up is possible, but it is time-consuming. However, with a Microsoft Teams feature integration with FirstComm, both your IT and administrative teams can add and subtract users, build new call flows, and handle other administrative tasks from one convenient location. It’s quick, easy, and doesn’t require extensive training.   

Access to More Advanced Calling Features  

For the longest time, Teams lacked the functions many unified communication (UC) platforms had, which meant companies had to have a separate system to handle calls. But with FirstComm, your team can not only enjoy the Microsoft Teams features they know but also:  

  • Send customers to the right place instantly with custom call flows and call forwarding  
  • Monitor support calls for quality assurance and training purposes with call recording  
  • Stay on top of their voicemails with voicemail-to-email  
  • Design and update your company’s auto attendant  
  • Analyze important calling metrics with real-time reporting  

All without investing in an entirely new platform or investing hours upon hours wading through the backend of Microsoft Teams.  

Upgrade to the Swiss Army Knife of Teams Integrations with FirstComm  

No matter what kind of communications system you have or want, our team at FirstComm can help you integrate. We take a hands-on, consultative approach to every customer, making sure we provide the perfect Teams integration for your specific situation.   

Want to experience that kind of care yourself? Reach out to us today and we’ll schedule a free consultation and demonstration immediately. Your tailormade Teams platform is just a call away!