Private vs Public Connection to the Cloud

As many companies switch their IT infrastructure to the cloud, the question about a whether a private or a public connection to the cloud often comes up. In your search, there are three key factors that often help you choose which direction is right for you; performance, security, and cost.


With a public connection, you would have to share a network with other companies which can cause latency in your mission critical operation. On the other hand, a private connection has low latency due to that fact that your organization will be the only one using the connection. This private connection will deliver you crucial applications with greater uptime and responsiveness.


Public connections to the cloud are at a far greater risk of data breaches than a secure private connection. A private connection gives its user a better sense of control over security policies for sensitive data and mission critical information. You will be in control of how your information is flowing and how secure it is. If your operations don’t require high levels of security the public connection would be a good fit for your organization.


Many companies want predictable service for a price that isn’t outrageous. IT managers find that with a public connection it is often unreliable due to the excess traffic that comes through. With a direct, private connection, businesses have greater network flexibility, control over routing policies, and choice of network provider. Also with most private connection providers, you are charged on a monthly basis. This makes the price for a better overall experience and security very predictable.

After reviewing the key differences between a private and public connection to the cloud, First Communications would like to help make your choice easier. First Communications CloudConnection offers an affordable, private, scalable, and high performance connection to hundreds of cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, IBM Softlayer, and Amazon Web services. CloudConnection can help you increase the privacy, performance and reliability of your cloud service connections, while simplifying interactions with cloud service providers.

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