4G LTE Failover

4G LTE Failover Overview

In today’s society, having your network down for even a short period of time can cause your business to suffer. To avoid this from happening, First Communications 4G LTE Failover can provide immediate, cost-effective, alternate connections in the event your primary connection is lost. Your outages will make a seamless transition to our LTE backup. You won’t even realize that you are in failover mode.

Our 4G LTE Failover product is a premises-based solution that uses routing intelligence between the primary connectivity router and the cellular-based failover device. This routing intelligence allows the device to detect when the primary connection is no longer working and automatically re-routes pre-defined critical business traffic to the 4G LTE connection. Likewise, when the device detects that the primary connection is restored, traffic is routed back automatically.

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Eliminate downtime and save money by keeping employees productive.


Continue servicing customers and generating revenue.


Using 4G LTE wireless network and Cradlepoint technologies, your mission critical business applications will be operational.

Cost Effective

Designed to support the “must have” applications to keep your system operational.

First Communications 4G LTE Failover Features Include:

  • Automatically rolling over to the 4G LTE system, when failure occurs
  • Staying connected to your data networks when wired connections are unavailable
  • Being simple, scalable, and easy to deploy
  • Having remote management and monitoring
  • A business continuity solution fully managed by First Communications