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First Communications provides enterprise grade solutions that larger businesses require. We have the in house technical expertise, and a proven track record of providing solutions and service levels that fit your specific enterprise demands. We are committed to providing the highest level of service, and customizable solutions. We are a financially stable, privately held company.

If you are not receiving the attention you deserve from other providers, give First Communications a chance to become your provider. We will work hard to gain and keep your business!

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  • Financially strong privately held company established in 1998
  • Serves Enterprise Customers with presence in the Midwestern US
  • Provides Voice, Data, and Managed Services
  • National footprint for most services
  • Strong Management Team focused on providing enterprise offerings
  • Highly responsive management focused on high level of service
  • Experienced in providing solutions to verticals that include: financial, retail, manufacturing, energy, and healthcare.
  • Dedicated Account Team

    Dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) provides enterprise customers with highest level responses

  • Consolidated Billing

    Receive one bill for all services

  • Priority Service for Enterprise

    Priority service for all customer service and support calls

  • Nationwide Availability

    We have the footprint to serve larger enterprises that do business all across the US

  • Custom Solutions Designed for Your Business

    One size fits all solutions do not work for enterprise customers. We will build what works for your business

  • Ethernet

    Ethernet connectivity can seamlessly connect enterprises and their partners and customers and suppliers in a way that is cost effective, scalable, secure, and well known to it staffs everywhere. Ethernet technology can scale quickly without additional capital investment, and can provide the bandwidth and security that enterprises need.


    Securely connect multiple business locations to improve communications and increase productivity. MPLS/VPLS works on switched level (layer 2) or router level (layer 3) to securely connect locations to run sensitive data, such as financial and medical information, in a way that does not expose the data to the public internet. We offer QoS options that allow voice, video, and other priority traffic to function flawlessly across enterprise networks.