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Private vs Public Connection to the Cloud

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As many companies switch their IT infrastructure to the cloud, the question about a whether a private or a public connection to the cloud often comes up. In your search, there are three key factors that often help you choose which direction is right for you; performance, security, and cost. Performance With a public connection, you would have to share a network with other companies which can cause latency in your mission critical operation. On the other hand, a private connection has low latency due to that fact that your organization will be the only one using the connection. This private connection will deliver you crucial applications with greater uptime and responsiveness. Security Public connections to the cloud are at…

Data Center Trends to Watch in 2017

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A recent survey by 451 Research found that most organizations will close their smaller, local data centers and server rooms within the next two years. IT leaders and financial directors are realizing that owning, operating and maintaining a data center may not be the best use of their resources. With the average U.S. data center approaching 20 years of age, enterprises simply don’t want to deal with outdated facilities and building systems infrastructure. Instead, organizations are turning to the cloud and data center colocation providers. A colocation facility makes it possible to adopt a hybrid data center model. This allows organizations to run legacy, private cloud and public cloud infrastructures in a secure and resilient fashion. Partnering with a colocation provider can offer…

Why You Should Host Your Business Communications in the Cloud

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Buzzwords like cloud and hosted are swirling around us at breakneck speed, but do you really know what that means? The tried and true office land line phone is on its way out and quickly being replaced with cloud or hosted solutions. Employees and sales executives are on the go and need a quick, easy to use, mobile solution where they can have all their information at their fingertips. Your IT staff wants an easily scalable and low maintenance solution that answers everyone’s needs. Moving to a cloud based phone solution may be the answer to everyone’s challenges. Before jumping in, you should be wondering… How would moving to the cloud benefit me? There are many benefits associated with a…

The Different Costs Associated with Network Outages…What is Your Backup Plan?

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It’s happened to all of us at one time or another, you try to check out at a store and you are met with an, “I’m so sorry; our system is down. Any way you can only pay with cash.” Or another common scenario, you are calling a business regarding some incorrect charges on your account and the unfortunate reply you hear is: “We cannot view your account at the moment; our systems are not cooperating with us.” Now flip over to the business owner’s vantage point and imagine the thoughts going through their heads. Having downtime/network failures will cause at least one of the following backlashes: Loss of potential revenue Employees will have to manually phone/input every card transaction…

Three Key Considerations When Choosing the Right Colocation Provider for Your Business

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The data center colocation market is growing by leaps and bounds, driven largely by enterprises continuing to outsource IT infrastructure and adopt cloud solutions. According to researchers at Markets and Markets, the data center colocation market is estimated to reach a total market size of $55.31 billion by the end of 2021. With this growth comes segmentation, and new trends in types of colocation providers. Gartner describes the market at bifurcating into “pure” colocation, or providers offering purely space, power and communications, and “up the stack” higher-level service providers offering additional managed infrastructure services, cloud, security, interconnection and internetworking in addition to space, power and communications. In the second case, companies offering interconnection services has also come to mean connectivity…