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SD-WAN Overview

Today’s WAN technology is struggling to keep up with modern day businesses. Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) offers seamless bandwidth optimization within today’s distributed enterprises. SD-WAN is application aware and dynamically routes critical applications over a combination of private and public access types to reach multiple locations.

SD-WAN offers businesses far greater visibility into their WANs – including a more accurate picture of which applications are running and how much bandwidth they consume – and a simple way of prioritizing those application.

First Communications’ SD-WAN is cost-effective, resilient, secure, and highly scalable. SD-WAN are the ideal solution for growth oriented organizations. First Communications’ SD-WAN solution delivers cloud-based, secure, dynamic and cost effective networking to remote site & branch office locations via software controlled intelligence – regardless of the access point or underlying connection type.

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Improve Network Performance

Application-aware routing selects the best path for a particular application at any given time and takes advantage of multiple access types to ensure resiliency

Centralized Management

Gain Visibility and Control through a centralized orchestrator


Delivers secure access to public, private and cloud connections by applying VPN technology to internet access and dynamic VPNs to branch offices


Enables rapid site deployment with low-touch provisioning and configuration via a centralized orchestrator


Leverages a variety of cost-effective readily available transport methods